we digitalize the real world

Grow carrots, run a central bank, manufacture space shuttles or rule the F1 circuit
- You are best at what you do and we at automating it.
Digitalization starts from the real people, products and services - you can't eat bytes.


The concrete method for digitalizing anything

Big picture and current state first. Too many times organisations get into lengthy and expensive digitisation projects without first taking a hard look at their operations and situation in order to identify their key needs, challenges and opportunities, and whether these can actually be solved with digitalisation or would there be another better way. We build you the foundations to digitalize anything in your real business.

How we do it for you released here in August - so watch this space!

Fintech - Real Time Economy - IoT - BlockChain - Big Data - Platformization - API ecosystems - Future web - Semantic web - Information society

18 years of expertise with the most demanding web solutions - 150+ web solutions - 5 start ups - hundreds of publications
- we are the leading experts in platform economy, new concepts and system scale digitalization


LifeEngine is our linked data technology that offers a single digital ecosystem on trusted and normalized data as a web development platform for the growing digital economy – a magic box of knowledge that enables the Internet to be used as one highly trusted database and shared development ecosystem on real world things and business.

Already in its third generation and growing number of applications built for our customers it is not yet available for the public use. Please contact us for more information.