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We are a leading expert on data productization, data sharing and connected data economy technologies. Our vision is to make life easier for companies and individuals by moving data fast and safely. We have been involved in more than 200 ecosystem driven digitalization projects in Finland and internationally which is the base for our technologies. Our concepts and data economy platform solutions have been used e.g. in financial and real-estate sectors. We believe in open standardization as a base for the future data economy to which we contribute together with our partners.

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The IHAN testbed

We are used to ideas where data is valued like oil or gold. However, data is not oil or gold it is just information we use to get our daily and necessary things done. The one who controls and knows how to utilize the limitless amount of data and share it in a secure, fair and ethical way has the keys to change our lives better. This is the digital future we are building together with our partners in the Sitra's IHAN testbed initiative.

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Success stories

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and used our data economy concepts and technologies in their service designs


Global trade, that moves all the goods we are consuming, is still relying on paper based processes which are hundreds of years old. Wärtsilä as an exporter and SEB as an advising bank in the Letter of Credit process experimented with trusted digital data exchange to disrupt these ancient old processes without compromising any of their company confidential data. The results of the experimentation are groundbreaking.

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Business Finland as a public funding organisation has multitude of different services and funding instruments they provide for their customers. Although relying on the market leading CRM systems they are not able to provide the experience which they would like for their customers. Testing the models and capabilities on the IHAN testbed they have been able start a new development path towards interoperable services and seamless customer experience boosted with AI.

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The Finnish Tax administration together with its partners has long been investigating and contributing to the process development to better serve both Finnish and foreign companies in Finland. The data sharing of companies towards public and private stakeholders is way too cumbersome today and a lot of resources are wasted in siloed and untrusted data. The IHAN testbed was used for investigating whether the operating environment of companies in Finland could be improved with fully digital and trusted data sharing between public and private sectors.

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