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Data runs the world. We help you run that data.

We are a leading expert on data productization, data sharing and connected data economy technologies. Our vision is to make life easier for companies and individuals by moving data quickly and safely. We have been involved in more than 200 ecosystem driven digitalization projects in Finland and internationally and this is the basis for our technologies. Our concepts and data economy platform solutions have been used, e.g., in financial and real-estate sectors. We believe in open standardization as the cornerstone for the future data economy into which we contribute together with our partners.

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Our data sharing nexus offering


You can see all the important data and metrics about your data sharing nexus on the dashboard. With it you can see what data is giving the most benefit to your company's ecosystem and do data driven decision making within your environment.

Admin portal

Data sharing nexuses are managed from our admin portal, where you can manage your billing, ownership, value networks and configuration.

Product gateway

Our scalable product gateway ensures the data products are easily accessible for application developers and transferred safely and in standardized format.

Developer portal

Your technical staff can manage and discover data sources as well as e.g. configure access to them on the nexus developer portal.

Authentication and consent capabilities

Our data sharing nexus supports standards compliant OpenID Connect authentication providers. We're working on a consent standard that can be implemented by various systems as well.


We will provide a template for your rulebook, which you can then use to define the rules for data sharing. The rulebook defines things such as what you are allowed to do on the data sharing nexus, how the data usage is restricted, legal responsibilities, and so on.

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What is a data sharing nexus

Data sharing nexus is at the core of making existing data more flexible, usable, safer and inevitably more profitable. We serve communities, municipalities and companies while at the center of it all we have the human aspect or simplifying your everyday life. Nexus is software and acts as part of the internet or private network combining information from various sources and applications. You, as an individual or as a company, have full control of the data at all times.

Our job is to connect the data points in the data sharing nexus for you and according to your product standards from the endless amount of existing data to remove extra labor, printing, time used and stress from you and your users i.e. customers.

No matter what data you want to use, a data sharing nexus will provide you with the way to connect any data to your current and future systems, and to make sure they will be compatible in the future. In effect there is no longer any need to change everything in your ecosystem because the nexus gives you a way to easily integrate any data to your ecosystem!

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What are Data Product standards?

Data Product Standards help you define the way data communication happens on your data sharing nexus.

There are many existing standards to use as a basis, but you can also completely customize the standards to your specific use-cases - however we recommend sticking to existing industry standards where possible to ensure interoperability in the future.

What is a productizer?

In a perfect world everyone would be using the same standards. Unfortunately we are only on our way to the perfect world, and that means that not everyone is yet using standardized data.

Luckily, we have a solution for this as well: Productizers.

A Productizer is a way to convert APIs to communicate using data standards. There will no longer be a need to make endless API integrations to your system, only a simple Productizer that will convert the API data into nexus standards, and voilà, everything is connected.

Productizers are designed to be a fast, convenient, reliable and secure way to standardize any data, anywhere, anytime!

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