The IHAN testbed

The IHAN testbed and how the data economy is affecting your life today and tomorrow

We are used to ideas where data is valued like oil or gold. However, data is not oil or gold it is just information we use to get our daily and necessary things done. The one who controls and knows how to utilize the limitless amount of data and share it in a secure, fair and ethical way has the keys to change our lives better.

This is the digital future we are building together with our partners in the Sitra's IHAN testbed initiative. We have been privileged to be selected as the main contributor to make Sitra's fair data economy principles and reference architecture in practice. We need to build the open standards and tools for the future data economy in practice and leverage them as a primary way of building modern web services.

The IHAN testbed is made for experimenting on our data productization concept in various different use cases and how those data products can be linked with the required trust mechanisms that for example companies can share data in a controlled and trusted manner. Sitra has selected to rely on Digital Living's technologies to make the most out of the open standards built on the IHAN testbed project.

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The IHAN testbed